Ever thought of writing a story? Now you can! Last Chapter Press is accepting stories in the Black Timber Peak Mountain Man Series.

Come write in the world of Black Timber Peak where alphas have been secluded for way too long. These men have escaped their pasts to find solace and solitude in the shadows of giant trees, fast moving rivers, and skies that darken to onyx at night. Their patience is short, their demeanor is possessive, and when a curvy woman comes in their sights, they’re going to fall hard and fast. She’s meant to be theirs. They’re strong enough to survive alone, but it’s time to make the ultimate sacrifice to have everything they want in life.


Story must be a minimum of 15,000 words, with no maximum count. They must include a grizzly but heart of gold hero, a timid virgin heroine, and a pushing-the-envelope heat level. 4…4.25…4.5… out of five. Two spicy scenes in 15K is fine, but not erotica. There needs to be a storyline with goals, motivations, and conflicts, and an ARC for the hero that he's a changed man.

Set in Black Timber Peak, Montana in the northern Rocky Mountains. Town of Black Timber is a small quaint hamlet buried in the mountains and hidden from the real world. More town details will be shared, if you want to join in.

Hero details: These men have left traditional living to find an escape from things like PTSD (soldiers/past EMTs), death (lost love of their life, parents or sibling died), mistakes (got in with a bad crowd/witness protection) that resulted in the destruction of their hearts and souls.

We want stories that will break these men down and build them back up.

Heroine: She’s scared, lost, maybe running from something. She’s also a virgin. She needs him to take care of her, but not in a TSTL (too stupid to live) kind of way, more she need protecting or to believe in herself. Think injury and they’re snowed in, or her car breaks down and the mechanic shop is closed for the weekend, or she thought that the cabin he’s in was her families'—maybe it was... a decade ago. She needs an escape and to hide but he’s reluctant, afterall he's already hiding. She shows him that her heart is genuine and in return he shows her how he can love fully and deeply.

Sexy stories with a powerful and take-no-excuses alpha who is going to go to the moon and back for the heroine. But make him do the work! And when things go wrong, make it clear that they both think it’s over before building their relationship back up.

No cheating. 🤬 No cliffhangers. 😤 No AI generated stories. ❌💻

Romance ends in a HEA, doesn’t have to be marriage, but at least engagement/moving in together. 😍🥳

Bonus Epilogue link is allowed. 

Submissions and inquires can be sent to: Juile@lastchapterpress.com